Friday, January 5, 2007

Project Brief

Diana Dahlan, who has been practicing black magic and shamanism was arrested on 4th December 2005 for the gruesome murder of a prominent land developer, Dato’ Jeffri Jailani. His body was found chopped into 18 parts and buried inside her house. When the police investigators first went to her house, Diana Dahlan or widely known as Mona Fandey, was out shopping. The seemingly unrepentant murderess captured the imagination of the nation and her subsequent trial made headlines daily.

This project will virtually bring the audience straight into the real event which took place 13 years ago in Pahang, based on the nation’s most bizarre crime and slightly fictionalized to enhance the horror emotions of the users. The user will be playing the character of ASP Talib, the Investigating Officer. Throughout the whole walkthrough, the user will be able to browse the entire bungalow, and some parts outside the house, of which the owner is Mona Fandey. Clues and hints regarding the crime the night before will be given and the user must locate them to solve the murder.

The audience/user will experience the emotion which refers to the sense of horror and awe in the environment itself. In order to achieve this, some of the facts had to be adjusted and recreated for example, the bungalow and the hints given during the virtual walkthrough. In order to gain user’s interest, the walkthrough is equipped with animatics and audio support in form of voice-over which can help the user to understand and experience the character better.

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